%_^^&( is a hidden glitched enemy and one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World.


%_^^&( rapidly flashes between both Mechrab and Ballboy. They appear in a photonegative color, therefore, giving it the inverted effects. Mechrab has Green irises with the black sclera while Ballboy has yellow irises with the black sclera.


Basic "hook" attackDeals large amounts of damage to a single party member.
4rth wall
Deals 400 or more damage to all party members and pierces through defense. Can instantly kill them. Only blocked by Neon Wall 2. 


  • Contrary to popular belief, the glitched enemies cannot use every attack from the game.
  • Given the inverted color scheme of the glitched enemies, they cast a white shadow, something impossible by conventional physics.