Were you looking for his boss version, the developer, or Scott's Head?

Animdude (otherwise known as Scott Cawthon or simply Scott) is an unlockable character added to the Update 1.2 for FNaF World. He is a playable character after the player beats the minigame Chica's Magic Rainbow after 3 minutes.


Like his boss version, Animdude is identical to the developer's avatar icon. Furthermore, his model is identical to the final boss of Hard Mode but flipped horizontally as well as the animation being slightly faster.


NeonWallSummons a shield that will block 50% damage for a short period of time.
MegaVirusPuts a status effect that slowly drains large amounts of life.
4thwallatkPowerful attack that pierces through defense.


Animdude is a really powerful character to use, especially against Chica's Magic Rainbow. He has Neon Wall which can block 50% of damage for all characters for 30 seconds, although this can be circumvented via The Geist Lair.

However, Animdude compensates with his other moves. His 4th Wall can do roughly around 4,000 damage to all enemies as well as destroying all Chica's Magic Rainbow Minions that appear. He also has Mega Virus that can do thousands of damage overtime to all enemies for 90 seconds, including Chica's Magic Rainbow Minions. Overall, Animdude is recommended to survive through Chica's Magic Rainbow.


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Ever since I was defeated as the final boss in FNaF World, I was demoted and sent here. Now my code is being used for some game about a rainbow, but the path to it is hidden.



  • Animdude's name is based of Scott's original username, the name seen in his YouTube URL and both of his websites.
  • Animdude is the only playable character that doesn't have an attacking animation.
  • When update 2 was released, there was a glitch where sometimes players would have unlocked Animdude and Mr. Chipper if they had defeated the boss versions of them. This is due to code left in the game from when this was an intended feature. However, the developer changed his mind but forgot to remove the code. This was patched within the first 24 hours.
  • If Animdude is in the lead character when going into the fight against his boss version, Freddy Fazbear will appear in the cutscene instead. This is done to avoid a similar situation with the joke ending involving two Fredbears being on-screen at the same time.
    • The same thing happens to the other characters from Update 2.
    • This may be because there is no code for their sprites to appear when someone's talking, and Freddy is the default sprite that appears. The same thing happens if the file was edited and have a character with a value 49 or higher.
  • Animdude is one of the three characters not to receive a loading screen, the others being Coffee and Mr. Chipper.
    • This was likely done to avoid spoiling the final boss for new players.
  • Animdude is the only character not in the FNaF World Update 2 teaser.