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Ballboy is one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World. They are only encountered in Pinwheel Circus.


Ballboy's is similar in appearance to Balloon Boy's, but with a smaller hat, a red-purple vertically striped shirt, a round red nose, buck teeth from both the upper lip and jaw, black buttons, curlier and darker hair, and lacking red cheeks. Instead of a Balloons! sign and balloon, Ballboy is juggling three balls each colored in red, yellow, and blue. Both arms appear to spin around like a crank lever.


Basic "bite" attackDeals large amounts of damage to a single party member.
Launches an amount of balloons that deal a random amount of damage (launches 4 instead of 3).





  • Ballboy is one of the two characters in the game to have a "dark" teaser, the other being Mangle.
    • He is also the only enemy in the game to have a "dark" teaser.
  • Ballboy first appears in FNaF World: Halloween Edition, but holds a balloon. However, his name was oddly changed from "Ball Boy" to "Ballboy".
    • The difference between that version and this version was his shirt lacked any stripes in the Halloween version.
  • Ballboy is one of the glitch forms of %_^^&(.
  • Despite having the balloons attack, he doesn't have balloons.
    • However, due to the fact he looks like BB, that kind of sums up why he has the "Balloons" attack.


  • Ballboy appears not to even touch some of his balls.
    • The balls also clip through his body.
    • The way that he swings his right arm (the one you can see the whole time) make it physically impossible to be juggling, however it probably (obviously) would be too hard to animate him properly juggling, but then Scott didn't need to actually have them juggling.

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