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Let's Eat!
— Chica's Loading Screen

Chica (also fully known as Chica the Chicken[1]) is one of the starter characters in FNaF World.


Chica is a yellow-colored chicken animatronic, appearing as a smaller version of her counterpart from the core game series. She wears a bib reading "LET'S EAT!!!" and carries a plate with a pink cupcake. She also sports two buck teeth and has three toes instead of two, unlike her counterpart from the first game of the core series. Another difference is that there are no white claws on her feet, again unlike the core character. She also lacks eyebrows. Like Toy Chica, her cupcake has blue eyes. Also unlike the core character, Chica has a set of eyelashes, much like the rest of Chica's counterparts in FNaF World.


Cupcake (Attack)Heals all party members.
Party FavorsHeals party instantly and damages all enemies.
Regen SongHeals the party over time.


Chica revolves solely on healing and is great for the beginning part of the game. She's an average addition to the party for the first quarter of the game, but can be easily replaced with better counterparts like Withered Chica. Cupcake and Regen Song are great healing moves for the start of the game but Party Favors is a very lackluster move and deals little damage and little healing, so when starting a new game Toy Chica would be better, seeing that she can heal, buff up teammates and has Waterhose, which kills all enemies under 30% health. As soon as you get a new character, replace her with them, and try and get a Medpod, so that you don't have to rely on healing as much.





  • The line from her loading screen is a reference to her bib.
    • Same goes to Toy Chica.
  • Chica's role in the game is akin to a typical healer in RPG games.
    • This may be a reference to the Five Nights at Freddy's fangame, Five Nights at F**kboy's, as she can heal other party members in that game.
  • Her Regen Song ability refers to her career as Freddy's background singer.


  • In both trailers of the game, Chica's bib is switched.
  • If one looks closely, a bit of her leg clips though her feet.


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