Were you looking for Chop 'N Roll's stronger counterpart, Metalman?

Chop 'N Roll is one of several enemies encountered in FNaF World. It is encountered in Choppy's Woods. It also makes an appearance in the Foxy Fighters minigame as an enemy.


Chop n' Roll has a wooden human-like robot appearance and moves on a wheel instead of legs. It bears two axes through its hands and bobs its head constantly. It has a brown button on the top part of its chest. It has a brown hat that keeps bouncing up and down and it has bright yellow eyes.


Basic blue tackle attackDeals low damage to a single party member.



  • Its name may be a play on the phrase "Rock 'N Roll".
    • It could also be a play on the simple fire safety technique "Stop, drop and roll".
  • Its left axe appears to be stuck to the roller.
  • Chop 'N Roll is almost identical to Metalman, except is made out of wood instead of metal, and it does not have spikes on its wheel. It also moves less violently, instead more slowly.
  • Chop 'N Roll is nearly resembled to the old robots appears rarely in the junkyard from Chipper and Sons Lumber Co, a game made by Scott.