Choppy's Woods is a location in FNaF World. It surrounds Fazbear Hills and connects to Dusting Fields, the Mysterious MineLilygear Lake and Pinwheel Circus. It is split into several parts that can only be explored after finding certain exits of sub-tunnels or passages.


Choppy's Woods consists of many trees, several stumps, big trees, and a few normal ones. Yellow birds resembling rubber ducks (changed to seagulls in the 1.1 update) are on some of the stumps, some in which can help enter into &* TWRE.

Points of Interest

  • Lolbit is located in the eastern part of Choppy's Woods and sells the Medpod Bytes.
  • There are 2 entrances to Mysterious Mine. One east to Jump 2, and another one in the North, only accessible by travelling through Lilygear Lake.
  • The entrance to Pinwheel Circus is located in an area that can only accessed by travelling through Lilygear Lake.
  • A glitched object in the form of a rotten tree can be found in the north of this area. The sub-tunnels connect to Lilygear Lake and to the otherway closed of Blacktomb Yard. It can only be accessed by travelling through Lilygear Lake.
  • Five Chips can be found in this area.
    • Headstart-Speed: In the eastern part near Lolbit, hidden behind some bigger trees.
    • Evercomet-Weak: Near to the exit to Dusting Fields, there is a tree stump that can be passed through. It is guarded by an Auto Chipper.
    • Run-Luck: After pressing the button to unlock Jump 4 near Lilygear Lake, behind the button there is a tree that can be passed through.
    • Pizza-Fury: At the entrance to Pinwheel Circus head down. There is a line of Trees that can be passed through. It is guarded by a Mad Endo.
    • Auto-Shield: Press against the tree stump with the Bird from below and enter &*_TWRE, which leads all the way to Lilygear Lake. The Chip is located the north-east of Lilygear Lake.



Chop 'N Roll


Auto Chipper
Mad Endo


  • Choppy's Woods connect to more locations than any other area in the game.
  • Choppy's Woods's name and design appears to be a reference to one of Scott Cawthon's previous games, Chipper and Son's Lumber Co.
  • Choppy's Woods is the only area in the game that shares enemies and bosses, as it shares Gearrat and Auto Chipper with Fazbear Hills and Mad Endo with Deep-Metal Mine.
  • In the 1.1 Update, the bird on the stump was changed to a seagull.
    • Surprisingly, 8-bit Fredbear still refers to it as "A Yellow Bird".
      • Perhaps further referring that 8-bit Fredbear was a glitchy character.