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DeeDee is an animatronic NPC in FNaF World. She is the owner of DeeDee's Fishing Hole in Fazbear Hills, which costs 10 Faz Tokens to play.


DeeDee's appearance is almost the same as Balloon Boy and JJ, but with purple pants, a yellow and pink pattern, light brown hair, pink cheeks, a large, pink propeller and a single dark purple button on the shirt, also holding a fishing rod. She is actually a recolor of JJ but this time with only one big button button on her chest (rather than two), holds a fishing rod and the top of the propeller much bigger.





  • DeeDee is the only animatronic NPC character in the game that isn't a store owner or a boss, but rather something else.
  • DeeDee's Pearl Trophy is the only trophy that can be earned on the demo.
    • After the player has obtained this trophy, the Pearl itself appears in battle as a byte, healing the player's team like the Med Pods.
  • In the 1.1 update, DeeDee, Auto Chipper and Browboy are the only characters to appear facing down instead of left or right.
  • Similar to BB or JJ, DeeDee's name, when spoken, sounds like DD.
  • In DeeDee's 3D sprite, her eyes seem green. But in DeeDee's 2D sprite, her eyes are blue.
    • In addition, in a single frame, DeeDee's eyes can be seen blue when she was leaning to her left side, though it may just be the lighting.