Were you looking for the owner of DeeDee's Fishing Hole, DeeDee?

DeeDee's Fishing Hole, when encountering DeeDee.

DeeDee's Fishing Hole is a minigame in FNaF World. It is played in the town of Fazbear Hills. It is owned by DeeDee.


DeeDee's Fishing Hole appears to be one big lake with a boat in the middle. There appears to be fish, in colors of pink, orange, green, purple, and blue, swimming in the lake. There also appears to be an anglerfish at the bottom of the lake.

Pay Table

Fish Payout
OrangeFish1 Faz Token
GreenFish2 Faz Tokens
PurpleFish5 Faz Tokens
BlueFish10 Faz Tokens
RedFish20 Faz Tokens
AnglerFish50 Faz Tokens
PearlRotation100 Faz Tokens
*Pearl Byte unlocked after catching it 5 times.



  • Turtle

    The unused Turtle.

    In the files of the game, there appears to be an animation of a turtle, presumably for the minigame, that was either never used or removed partway through development.
  • DeeDee's Fishing Hole was the only minigame in the entire game before Update 2.
    • However, it is the only minigame that isn't needed to advance in the game, and the only minigame to not be in the Halloween Update Backstage.
  • Oddly, no matter what character the player uses when going into DeeDee's Fishing Hole, the player will always play as Freddy Fazbear in the minigame.
    • This is most likely to prevent the game from reaching it's data limit, as the same goes to the walking animations.