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Because look at him!
— Endo-01's Loading screen.

Endo-01 is one of the playable characters in FNaF World. He is the endoskeleton that is seen backstage in the first Five Nights at Freddy's game.


Endo-01 has mostly the same appearance as his core series counterpart except smaller with a torso with a red button on it.


Power SongTemporarily increases the party's attack power.
Armor SongTemporarily increases the party's defense.
Endo ArmySummons three temporary Endoskeletons with lasers that damages enemies over time.


Endo-1 is a huge companion for a supporting character. His newest attacks; Power Song and Armor Song can increase Attack or Defense to all characters for 1 turn.

Endo-1 also has an attack that can summon an Endo Army, which can deal damage to enemies over time (around 30 seconds) which can deal roughly around 200-500 damage for each shot each endoskeleton randomly shoots.





  • Endo-01 was the first character in the series to get a redesign for the game.
  • Endo-01's loading screen possibly resembles how he was first shown for FNaF World, as Endo 01 was the first character to get a redesign for the game.
  • Endo-01 is the only endo character to not have the "Neon Wall" attack.
  • When Endo-01 attacks, the upper parts of his body separate and his torso button flashes. This may be to show a self-destruct, as Endo-02 definitely does.
  • Endo-01 and Crying Child are the only two characters to have 2 white attacks.
  • Endo-01 strangely has some sort of red glowing button on his torso, while his core series counterparts don't seem to have this feature.