The Geist Lair is a secret area in the 1.2 update of FNaF World. The Chica's Magic Rainbow boss battle can be found here.


The place is made out of several rocks and lit torches. Like Deep-Metal Mine and Mysterious Mine, most of the area is covered in darkness. As said by Fredbear, the place is filled with toxic air, which drains the character's HP in battles.

Points of Interest

  • PurpleGeist appears at the northernmost area of the map, waiting to trigger the final battle.



P. Goon


Chica's Magic Rainbow



  • If the player pulls up the map with Tab while in Geist Lair, it is revealed that it is located to the east of the world map.
  • Though said it is filled with toxic air, the area is shown to not have any.
    • However, when in battle, the health is shown to be drained, mostly due to toxic air.
      • It will not drain if the attack Bubble Breath is used.
  • The jump buttons do not work in Geist Lair, similar to &*___TWRE. Scott described Geist Lair in a Steam post as "a one way trip. You either beat the game or die."
    • In the original 1.20 update, it was still possible to use the jump buttons in Geist Lair. This has since been patched.
    • This area's name may be shortened version of Purplegist Lair.
  • The basic enemies found here are very devastating, as all of them can do 4th wall and Alarm, both 1-hit-killing moves. Fortunately, these enemies can be affected with Hocus Pocus, turning them into weaker enemies.
  • If ones were to enter the Geist Lair and then switch to an older version of the game, the player would be out of bounds and be able to walk outside of the map.


  • In the original 1.20 update, if one were to jump to a different level they would have a chance to encounter a Geist Lair enemy instead of one of the enemies assigned to that level.