>>>>>> is one of three glitched enemies and one of the several enemies encountered in FNaF World.


>>>>>> is a photo-negative entity that alters between the models of Prototype and Gearrat. It appears in negative colors, mostly white and skyblue, due to the effects.


Basic "bite 2" attackDeals large amounts of damage to a single party member.
Summons an amount of snowballs that can give high damage.



  • Contrary to popular belief, the glitched enemies cannot use every attack from the game.
  • Given the inverted color scheme of the glitched enemies, they cast a white shadow, something impossible by conventional physics.
  • >>>>>> is the only glitched enemy that doesn't have an attack that can instantly kill one or more party members.
  • >>>>>> has the simplest name in FNaF World.
  • >>>>>> is the only character that its name is made by only ONE symbol.