The Halloween Update Backstage (also known as Halloween Land in the files) is an area in FNaF World added in the 1.20 update. The area effectively functions as a post-game quest that is home to eight new unlockable characters as well as access to another new area and a new final boss.


There are two ways to access this area:

  1. Upon beating either Normal Mode or Hard Mode, the player must visit Desk Man in his home. After talking to him and leaving his house, Fredbear will appear outside to tell the player in a defeated manner about another issue arising. After his dialogue, a portal will open granting access to the new area.
  2. Backstage secret path

    Hold left while standing in this position to access the secret area.

    Within the new area, Purpleguy mentions a secret path leading into the Backstage area from the beginning of the game. From the Jump Point in Fazbear Hills, head up and left until Freddy is directly to the north-west of the windmill between two rocks positioned diagonally from each other. Hold left while going into the tree there for several seconds until Freddy phases into the trees. Follow the secret path to find the warp into the Backstage area.


Backstage of the Halloween Update is a very Halloween-themed location with dead trees, a dark dirt ground and jack-o-lanterns that act as a light source. Occasionally there are some rocks and scarecrows. A lot of leaves fly by and crows can be heard chirping away. It's also home to some mansion-like buildings.

Points of Interest

  • Near the entrance, Fredbear is there to explain what the location is for.
  • Going back into the portal will take the player back to Fazbear Hills.
  • Downwards is a sprite version of the Purpleguy who talks about a secret path that leads to this graveyard at the start of the game.
  • Through the path on the right, there is Animdude who will talk about how he was demoted from Final Boss after being beaten and used for code for a game about a rainbow.
  • Going through the path on the right then going upwards goes to a big mansion, Jack-O-Chica and Nightmare BB and a portal to Foxy Fighters.
  • Going through the path on the right but going downwards will lead to Nightmarionne next to Foxy.EXE, and Coffee and Jack-O-Bonnie next to FNaF 57: Freddy in Space.



  • This is the only location in the game to not have any enemies or boss fights.
    • This is most likely because the main attractions are the spinoff minigames.
  • When speaking to Fredbear after speaking to Desk Man, if ones set up for the Universe Ending (having Playable Fredbear speak to NPC Fredbear), it will not work.
  • All the Halloween characters have 1 normal attack:
    • Jack-O-Bonnie & Jack-O-Chica: Haunting
    • Nightmare BB: Mega Bite
    • Coffee: Gift Boxes
    • Mr. Chipper: Mimic Ball
    • Animdude: Neon Wall
    • Purpleguy: Speed Song
    • Nightmarionne: Prize Ball 2

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