The hard mode button.

Hard Mode is one of the two difficulties to choose from in FNaF World.


Hard Mode, as the name implies, works the same as Normal Mode except it is harder. Some of the things that change in this mode are as follows:

  • The enemies' and bosses health are twice their normal health than in Normal Mode. (Chipper's Revenge is an exception to this)
  • Allows the player to defeat Animdude after Security, which is in the red tent behind him.
  • The chance of a new challenger appearing has decreased.

Upon completing this mode, the player earns the Animdude trophy.


Hard Mode is a difficult game mode, and therefore requires a couple of tips and tricks to complete.

  • Level up your characters as high as you can. This can help with stronger attacks.
  • Some Chips and Bytes can help through out the game.
    • Some good Chips to use are "Freddle:Fury", "Pizza:Fury", "Auto:Shield" and "Auto:Mimic".
    • Some good Bytes to use are the UFO and Eyebot bytes, as both can bring damage to a specific enemy (only Eye bytes for bosses).
    • Other Bytes to use are the Bomb Bytes, the Reapers or Medpods (the most expensive ones).


  • The health of the enemies and bosses is multiplied depending on the difficulty, Normal Mode multiplies the health by 1 (Making them unchanged) and the Hard Mode multiplies it by 2 (Making it twice as high).
    • It is possible to modify the save file to make the game even harder than in Hard Mode, or easier than Normal Mode. Since Hard Mode sets the value of the difficulty to 2, which is the number that multiplies the health of the enemies, it is possible to change it to 3 or higher, multiplying the health of the enemies and bosses by the number chosen.