For info on Lolbit's funtime counterpart from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, click here.
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Lolbit is a NPC in FNaF World. It is the owner of Lolbit's Byte Store and appears in several locations throughout the game, each one selling all three tiers in a set of Bytes.


Lolbit is a recolor of Funtime Foxy, with most of its body colored orange, a purple bowtie and cheeks, and black eyes with white pupils. The hook remains unchanged, save for the fact that it is on the opposite hand.



  • Lolbit is one of the two store owners in the game, the other being Mendo.
    • Lolbit is also the only store owner to appear in more than one area.


  • Like Funtime Foxy, the palm of Lolbit's hand clips through its head.