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Were you looking for the Nightmarionne counterparts, Marionette or Phantom Marionette?
I'm taller in person.
— Nightmarionne's Loading Screen

Nightmarionne, (commonly known as Nightmare Puppet or Nightmare Marionette) is an unlockable character added to the Update 1.2 for FNaF World. It is a nightmarish version of the original Marionette. It can be unlocked by beating Foxy.EXE.


Nightmarionne has a somewhat identical appearance to its counterpart in the core series. Its pupils are larger and its body is a lot more rounded-off, therefore losing his former skeletal-ish structure. Its legs are smoother and less pointier.


Prize Ball 2Performs a random advanced attack.
BubblebreathProtects party from toxic effect.
4thwallatkPowerful attack that pierces through defense.


Nightmarionne is an incredible character to use, and either him or Nightmare BB is needed for the Geist Lair. Nightmarionne has Prize Ball 2 which can do a random attack that can do big damage to groups of enemies.

In the Geist Lair, he has Bubble Breath which is needed to prevent the characters' health from depleting.

He also has 4th Wall which can do roughly 4,000 damage to all enemies as well as wiping all Chica's Magic Rainbow minions off the board.


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I would help you if I could, but my code is being used for a second rate horror game. Maybe if you beat the game and get my code back, then I could help.





  • The line from its loading screen is referring it to be the tallest nightmare animatronic from the Halloween update of Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  • Nightmarionne bears a strong resemblance to Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Nightmarionne is the only nightmare animatronic to possess only one set of teeth.
    • Although Nightmare Chica's cupcake also has this feature, it is technically not its own separate animatronic.
  • Nightmarionne and RWQFSFASXC are the only playable characters in the entire series that are completely colorless.
    • However, Nightmarionne is the only Update 2 character that is completely colorless.
  • Nightmarionne is The Puppet's only counterpart to lack buttons.
  • Nightmarionne, and Nightmare BB are the only animatronic counterparts that are not reskins of their original forms.
  • Nightmarionne is the only nightmare animatronic to have thinner and longer arms and legs than its original counterpart.
    • Also, Nightmarionne lacks the exterior rib-cages parts, unlike its core series counterpart.
  • Nightmarionne is the only nightmare animatronic to possess 3 fingers on each of its hand.
  • Nightmarionne and Jack-O-Bonnie are the only animatronic counterparts that have identical idle and attack animations as their originals: Marionette and Nightmare Bonnie, respectively.
  • Oddly, Nightmarionne has the "4th Wall" attack, which is usually exclusive to Animdude.
  • Its attacks, including 4th Wall, make it one of the most important characters in FNaF World.
  • Unlike its core counterpart, Nightmarionne's head doesn't tilt.
  • When it attacks, Nightmarionne's arms and fingers spread out, causing them to take on the appearance of wings