For info on Paperpals' core series character, go here.
— Paperpals' Loading Screen

The Paperpals are a trio of unlockable characters that function as one in FNaF World.


The Paperpals' appearances are completely identical to their core series counterparts, but they appear smaller and have less visible changes. The one on the top known as Paper Freddy represents Freddy Fazbear, the one on the right known as Paper Bonnie represents Bonnie, and the one on the left known as Paper Buddy is speculated that it represents Balloon Boy,


Prize Ball 2Performs a random advanced attack.
Mystery Box 2Swaps out all party members for random stronger characters. They go back to normal after the battle is over.
Mimic BallSummons a temporary mimic that duplicates any attacks used.


Paperpals is a great supporting party member to have. Like Marionette, their only attack to deal damage is Prize Ball 2, which does a random attack that does huge damage. Also like Phantom Marionette, they also have Mystery Box 2 which Paperpals can swap the characters for stronger characters such as Springtrap but just for the battle only.

Paperpals also has Mimic Ball which can last for 12 uses. Mimic Ball can copy the character's ability that the ones use and it does it again, but it uses a little of the character's speed. This is really useful for such attacks like Giftboxes or Pizza Wheel 2.





  • The Paperpals' loading screen may be a reference to the confusion surrounding why Scott added the Paperpals into the game.
  • The Paperpals are one of the three characters that can float, the other being Marionette and Nightmarionne.
  • In the party creation menu, Freddy's paper plate is the only one used for the Paperpals' icon.
  • The Paperpals are the only character in the game to be a trio, unless Nightmare Freddy is counted, as he has two Freddles on his body.
  • In the core series, the Bonnie paper plate doll had a snout, but in FNaF World, it is replaced with a smile.
  • The Paper Buddy paper plate doll, almost resemble Ennard without the party hat and has three buttons.


  • When the Paperpals attack, their faces appear on the back of their plates. This is either a texture error or the effects of marker, as marker usually leaves traces on the back of paper.