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Were you looking for the boss, PurpleGeist?
I take 10 seconds to draw!
— Purpleguy's loading screen.

Purpleguy, also known as Purple Guy, is an unlockable character added to the 1.20 update for FNaF World. He is unlocked by beating the "FNaF 57 Minigame" after finding all of the weapon upgrades (represented as cupcakes). He is based on Purple Guy's appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and Five Nights at Freddy's 3.


Purpleguy is a pixelated, purple-colored sprite taking the shape of a human, similar to the actual Purple Guy's appearance in the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 minigames. He is purple with white eyes, black eyebrows, and a black mouth.


Speed SongTemporarily increases the party's speed.
SlasherThrows an 8-bit sword that has a 1/10 chance of dealing 99999 damage.
HocusPocusChance to transform enemies into weaker enemies.


Purpleguy is really powerful against groups of enemies, but rather useless against bosses. He has Speed Song which can increase Speed to all characters for 1 minute, but if the Speed Chip is enabled, then don't use this ability.

Like Jack-O-Bonnie, Purpleguy has Slasher which has a 10% chance to do 99,999 damage to all enemies. The chance is still the same for bosses.

He also has Hocus Pocus which has a 50% to turn all enemies into weaker enemies. This does not work against bosses.


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Don't confuse me with the actual Purple Guy. I'm just a game sprite. Did you know there is a secret path that leads to this graveyard from the very beginning of the game?





  • Purpleguy is the only playable character to have a fully 2D battle sprite.
  • When Purpleguy is not unlocked, his icon makes his face look a lot bigger, being the whole square.
  • Purpleguy is one of two characters that have only two frames in their idle animation, the other being Crying Child.
    • However, Crying Child's attack animation has more than 2 frames, while Purpleguy remains at 2.
  • Purpleguy having the Slasher attack is most likely a reference to his core series character being a murderer.
  • Oddly, his name is "Purpleguy" instead of "Purple Guy".
    • The reason why is because of how he shouldn't be confused with the actual Purple Guy.
  • Purpleguy is the only playable character that is naturally 8-bit.
    • This is odd, since Crying Child and Animdude are made three-dimensional while Purpleguy isn't.
  • Purpleguy is, along with Crying Child (a ghost based on human child) and Animdude, one of the only playable humans in the game, if the sprite from There is No Pause Button (the sprite himself he uses) is considered human. However, its still unknown if they are exactly humans.
  • The loading screen may literally refer to how long Scott took to make the sprite for Purpleguy, as well as the overall simplistic nature of the sprite itself.
  • Purpleguy possessing the Speed Song attack may refer to his core series counterpart chasing the animatronics in the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 minigames.

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