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Scott's Head has not been given an official name. Thus, this name is purely conjectural. However, it will be used until an official name is released.
Were you looking for the developer, the final boss of Hard Mode, or the playable character Animdude?

Scott's Head is a boss added to the 1.20 update for FNaF World and only appears at the end of the FNaF 57: Freddy in Space minigame. Defeating him will complete the minigame, which will then unlock Jack-O-Bonnie, Purpleguy (if all upgrades are obtained), or Coffee (if no upgrades are obtained).


As his name suggests, he appears as the "photo" head of Scott Cawthon in real-life with a rather angry-looking expression living inside the giant, machine-like jar with three tubes. He also sports a pair of robotic claws.

In-Battle Strategies

The battle with Scott's Head is different from every other battle in the game given that it is in a different genre entirely. Scott's Head sits on the right side of the screen and will fire blue laser blasts from the top and bottom of his containment tube. On the top of the room is a laser sliding back and forth that will shoot a rapid succession of red bullets at random. And, as with all enemies in FNaF 57, contact with Scott's Head will cause damage.

Fnaf57 scott safety

The "safe" spot in the Scott's Head fight.

While it can look like there is a lot happening on the screen, there is a way to simplify this fight. Using the background as a guide, if the player sits about three squares away from Scott, the blue energy bullets will be unable to hit them. The trade off, though, is they will take damage from the red laser on top of the room every time it fires above them. However, should the player come into the fight with enough health, this is a negligible risk. Also worth noting is that this spot leaves Scott within range of the level 0 blaster for players looking to unlock Coffee.



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What are you doing here? This game isn't finished yet!
This game isn't due for release until 2030! Get out!
How did you access this game before release?
So, you are here to stop me...
You want to stop me from doing what? Making crazy spin-offs?
HA HA HA! I will never stop making spin-offs!
FNaF 57: Freddy in Space. Freddy always destined for space.
Then FNaF 58: Poopets in Space.
FNaF 59: Cupcake takes Manhattan.
FNaF 60: Breakfast at Chica's. It's a romantic comedy. She's a killer with a heart of gold!
FNaF 61: Freddy v Bonnie. It's the beginning of the Freddy Cinematic Universe.
FNaF 61: Balloon Boy's Revenge. He steals EVERYONE'S flashlights; what a kidder.
Oh, dead end. Busted. You'll never find my hideout.
WRONG! Wrong, wrong, go back. I think you missed it back there.
No, seriously, you missed my hideout. It was back the other way.
Very well. Come to me. I will add your distinctiveness to my own.
I will grind up your code and use it for the game over screen!


  • Scott's Head seems to be based off the Mother Brain boss from Metroid.
  • Scott's Head is one of the bosses to only appear in the minigames. The other being Souldozer.
  • Scott's Head is one of the bosses that could speak. Others being Souldozer, Animdude (as a boss), Chipper's Revenge, and Chica's Magic Rainbow.
  • Scott's Head may be similar to a Steam post about him, if he would like to become a boss.
  • Scott's Head is the only boss that the boss inside is real life head texture.
  • Scott's Head refers to multiple "planned" sequels to FNaF 57.
    • "FNaF 58: Poopets in Space" is a reference to the Youtuber "Dawko", who would pronounce Puppet as "Poopet". Scott also donated to said Youtuber's charity livestream under several accounts with the said name.
      • It is also a reference to how several horror franchises send their villains into space, such as Friday the 13th and Leprechaun.
    • "FNaF 59: Cupcake takes Manhattan." is probably a reference to the movie The Muppets Take Manhattan or Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan.
    • "FNaF 60: Breakfast at Chica's. It's a romantic comedy. She's a killer with a heart of gold!" is referencing Breakfast at Tiffany's.
    • "FNaF 61: Freddy v Bonnie. It's the beginning of the Freddy Cinematic Universe.", is a likely reference to both Freddy vs. Jason, Marvel's cinematic universe, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which is the beginning of the DC cinematic universe).
      • it is also likely a reference to Freddy vs Jason, the crossover between A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.
    • "FNaF 61: Balloon Boy's Revenge. He steals EVERYONE'S flashlights; what a kidder.", is a likely reference to A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.
  • Scott's Head is the second boss to be a representation of Scott Cawthon, the first being the Animdude boss.
    • He is also the second time that the player has to "kill" Scott Cawthon, the first again being the Animdude Boss.
    • Scott's Head might be a reference to the ending cutscene of Stellargun, another game by Scott Cawthon.


  • Instead of mentioning FNaF 62 after FNaF 61, Scott's Head mentions FNaF 61 twice.

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