Souldozer! I should've known it was you!
Foxy commenting on Souldozer.

Souldozer is a boss added to the 1.20 update for FNaF World. He only appears in the minigame Foxy Fighters.


Souldozer bears a robotic like body, respectively bearing features also found on bulldozers. His head is built of layered metal, his eyes are lit (from the inside of his mechanical head) and are arched. He has a large set of teeth curved around the front of his head, and a row of spikes on each of his shoulders. He has shoulder panels that are covered in spikes, and two fans on each side of his torso.

Souldozer's forearms are held by springs which stick out of each side of his body, which each bear two spinning drills, and two metallic endoskeleton-esque hands. He has what appears to be three gears in the middle of his chest, in front of two spinning cylinders each with many spikes.

His torso is connected to his legs (or wheels, rather) by a spring. He has fours wheels which each have spinning drills in the middle of them, and the tires appear to be spiked, however are likely not. There is what appears to be a horn in between the two sets of tires, and a two rows of industrial lights beneath it.


  • Missiles
  • Basic Attack
  • Energy Balls


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Fools! How dare you challenge me!
Vilian Line 1
I wasn't fully appreciated in my last outing...

But now I'm back to show you my full power!

Villain Line3
Fools! Turn back now and I'll spare your lives!

Or, more likely, I'll just chase you around and kill you anyway!

IMPOSSIBLE! You haven't seen the last of me! Well, actually yes this is the last you'll see of me.
Villain line5
— Souldozer



  • Souldozer first appeared in one of Scott Cawthon's previous games, The Pilgrim's Progress.
  • Souldozer is one of the only bosses to have voice acting, the other being Chica's Magic Rainbow.
  • Souldozer is one of the only bosses to appear only in the minigames, the other being Scott's Head.
  • Souldozer is the only boss to specifically come from another game.
    • However, Scott Cawthon is based off of "There is no Pause Button", a game also developed by Scott.
  • His revenge is similar to Chipper's Revenge as they have vendetta since their last games aren't greatly received.
  • Souldozer shares the same voice actor with the core series of Springtrap, William Afton, and Michael Afton, who is also known as Eggs Benedict.


  • During Souldozer's animation, if one looks between his left hand and front left tire, a single piece of him can be seen not moving.