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Tangle is one of the several enemies encountered FNaF World. It is a recolor of the original Mangle.


Tangle has a almost identical appearance to Mangle, except it sports a brilliant green where it used to be pink, and its cheeks and bow are purple like Lolbit's. The endoskeleton head has an orange eye like Foxy's, and Tangle's eyes are black with phantom-styled irises. It also has one foot with the cover on it and one hand with the color on it similar to Mangle's one foot and one hand covering.


Basic blue bash attackDeals large amounts of damage to a single party member.
This attack can insta-kill more than one party member, but it has a lower chance than Unscrew.




  • Tangle first appeared in FNaF World: Halloween Edition.
  • Tangle's name is an alteration of Mangle's name replacing the "M" with a "T"
    • Both words also have very similar meanings.
      • The word "tangle" means to twist together into a confused mess, which is what Mangle looks like.
  • Tangle is one of the three enemies that share recolored playable characters' appearances, the others being Redbear and White Rabbit.
  • Tangle is the only Pinwheel Funhouse enemy to not have Jumpscare. However, this enemy has Esc Key.