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Something new!
— Toy Bonnie's Loading Screen

Toy Bonnie (fully known as Toy Bonnie the Rabbit) is one of the starter characters in FNaF World and the newer and shinier version of Withered Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


Toy Bonnie's appearance is almost identical to his core series counterpart, but he is smaller and has a much rounder head. He bears a red bowtie, cheeks, and guitar. Most of his body is a light blue colour, excluding the white highlights he has, such as his white stomach, chin, snout and paw highlights. He also has purple eyeshadow and small eyelashes.


Bash JamDamages all enemies.
Munchies (Attack)Summons a small trap-like animatronic for each enemy. It will bite it three times before disappearing.
Prize BallPerforms a random basic attack.


Toy Bonnie is a good starter character, mainly focusing on attacking. Bash Jam and Munchies deal good damage for the start of the game, while Prize Ball can do some healing moves, if lucky. If the Prize Ball did not give out the healing move, it's very likely that the party get an attack, like Munchies, from it instead. Toy Bonnie is great but can easily be replaced with other characters later in the game.





  • If one looks closely, Toy Bonnie's guitar is smaller than Bonnie's.
  • The order that Toy Bonnie is in on the Character Select screen with the other three main toy animatronics is the same position the toys were in on the poster in the Prize Corner in Five Nights at Freddy's 2
  • Toy Bonnie is one of few characters that move their feet in their idle animations.
  • The tagline on Toy Bonnie's loading is a reference to the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 teaser bearing the words "Something borrowed, something new".
    • However, Withered Bonnie's loading screen is not "Something borrowed". It is "Look into my eye"
  • When Toy Bonnie attacks, his tail can be seen.
    • This can be referring to his Five Nights at Freddy's 2 version who was the only Bonnie version at the time to have a tail.
    • However, Toy Bonnie is one of eight characters that possesses a tail, the others being Funtime Foxy, Mr. Chipper, White Rabbit, Totemole, Tombstack, Gearrat and RWQFSFASXC.
  • Toy Bonnie is the only Bonnie variation in FNaF World to possess eyebrows.
  • Toy Bonnie was commonly mistaken for a girl until Scott released a comment stating Toy Bonnie was male.
  • The fact that Toy Bonnie has a slightly squashed looking face makes him look a lot different from the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 version.