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Blink, and you'll miss him!
— Virtua-Freddy's Loading Screen

Virtua-Freddy is a secret character in FNaF World. Unlike the rest of the characters, he is unplayable and only appears in the "Mimic Ball" attack.


Virtua-Freddy's appearance seems to be oddly similar to Freddy Fazbear's, but his entire body is changed into a green wireframe with his endoskeleton visible inside. Some parts of his body are incredibly hard to see, like his hat.


Virtua-Freddy does not have a standard set of attacks. Instead, he is summoned by the Mimic Ball to use the most recent attack used by the player. If Mimic Ball is used while a Mimic Ball is already out, the current Mimic Ball will be replaced and Virtua-Freddy will not copy the attack. Also, Virtua-Freddy cannot copy the "Mystery Box" and "Mystery Box 2" attack. Other than this, he has the ability to perform any attack that the rest of the player's team has.



  • Virtua-Freddy is the only unplayable character with a loading screen.
  • Virtua-Freddy's loading screen most likely references how fast he can attack, as once he attacks, he will disappear.
  • Virtua-Freddy's attack animation is noticeably faster than Freddy's attack animation.
  • Virtua-Freddy might be inspired on Virtua Flan, one of the playable characters on Legacy of Flan, one of Scott Cawthon's games.